by HelluvaGirl

You haven’t opened it yet?!

I look at my Girlfriend, then at a big box on the living room table, shocked.

She is smiling her Mona Lisa smile while preparing dinner for us, and she is silent. I really can’t stand it when I ask her something and she just smiles, and doesn’t respond until several times I repeat the question.

So when? Let’s do it now, come on, how can you wait?

I’m very hungry.

Oh drop it! You’re impossible!

I jump and clap my hands, and squeal out of joy and impatience.

15 minutes and her slo-mo dinner routine later we leave the kids to play and go to her bedroom.

She takes the scissors and cuts the box, and a pile of Hershey’s lies inside. And on the top of it…

Oh my God! I don’t have an iPhone to shoot it with!..


You can use mine.

Then she goes on to delete old pictures to make some space. Damn Mona Lisa! Takes her ages.

I scan the bedroom, decide the sheets are not luxurious enough and notice a faux-fur rug next to the bed.



I take the light blue box out of her hands.

Wait. What the fuck. What is this?

I inspect the box with a white ribbon dreadfully tied on it.

I mean… No, it’s impossible. How could one put such a thing inside and tie a ribbon like this?! Oooh… They opened it at the customs… Bastards. Wait.

I untie the mess and carefully pack the miracle box again the way it’s supposed to look to get your knees weak. Then I place it on the fur and grab Girlfriend’s iPhone, take a dozen of pictures, then lift the box from the ground and give it to her, shining.

Go on.

She takes the £190-worth delicate sterling silver earrings out of the box, puts them in her ears and says

I hate this style.

You know, you look beautiful. Maybe you’re not used to them but they become you very well.

I scream with joy lying on the bed, we both giggle and I turn my head to look at the girls playing in the living room.

Are we any different from them, really?


Mona Lisa smiles in her new Tiffany’s earrings. I think she’s more amused by me than her sugar daddy’s gift.