Flow of Conversation

by HelluvaGirl

You know that feeling when you meet someone and it flows?

Well, I have this friend (I dare say the word, though am quite careful to not overuse it generally). Apart from him being one of the most intellectual and sociable personalities I have ever encountered, the greatest pleasure to me is, when we speak, I can be as abstract as I like to be (#thinkingoutloud) and I’m always understood.

Perhaps it’s the pool of free interpretation we both daringly jump into? That usually means people don’t really understand each other but more likely think they do, because there is no objectivity in the world. What one says is more or less different what another perceives. What we hear someone saying is filtered by our own unique mesh of personal experience, attitudes and what we subconsciously choose to hear. Oh – and the level of politeness: too many times I’ve nodded my head in agreement when in fact I did not agree or care to understand, passingly touching the surface of topics.

He says he would never be polite with me like that and it’s great. There’s nothing like a stimulating dispute when differences are accepted as a natural distinction between people and are allowed and respected. That’s a way to learn and to trust.

There’s nothing like talking to someone who really gets you.