3. Transformation. Air

by HelluvaGirl

I was floating in the heart of a tornado, unable to see a thing through the thick darkness of the black waves around me – yet I was at home: still, warm and safe. The eye of the storm.

As the vortex was rising, humming and lifting me up, I looked down and saw a wide ring on my middle finger. It reminded of the matted silver wedding band that belonged to the Witch of Eastwick.

There and then, I realised the allusion was supposed to terrify me but it didn’t: I watched the ring curiously as it was shining increasingly at the centre of a whirlwind.

I felt the familiar vibrating energy, only this time not down my belly-button but projecting everywhere around.

I was completely still, yet I was everything outside myself, too: rising, making my way, almost there.


May 2014.