Night Flight. Version 2

by HelluvaGirl

You are with me wherever I travel.

You are in me.

Every sight I discover is drenched in your presence as if you were looking at things my eyes and experiencing together.

The farther I am from the moment in time when we actually stood there reading each other, the more I burn with longing. I thought it would be otherwise.

It’s played out by every band; it’s in every moonshine tenderly looking down on me, connecting me to you because we look at her at the same time very often, I know.

You are everything in the world. To me, you are every sunrise and sunset, every book ever written, every person I meet.

I see you to the eternity and beyond. I see your soul and your humane outline. I see the spark of light that lives within you. I see the grain of God in you. I bow to this and melt in your light, and grow in your wisdom. I caress your weakness and look up to your strength.

I want to kiss your hands the way only the Queen kisses the King’s. I am lucky to know you even though it’s more of a lesson than something given to enjoy thoughtlessly.

Tonight, I am ascending to the sky as my plane takes off, and you leave the ground with me.

Are we Kings or are we beggars, my dear? Ar we foolish or are we blessed? I am finding it all melts in the light of this... All cliches, taboos, restraint and other labels applicable lose their names, get detached from their meanings and float scattered in the universe, needless and void.

And I give in. I know I will feel over the moon and hit the rock bottom many many times again because of this, but I have not made this choice. This choice made me.

P. S. Forgive the sentimentality, sometimes I am simple that way.