Let Me Get the Door My Love

by HelluvaGirl

Let me get the door my Love

I’ll take care of it in a second

Probably a salesman or the woman bringing the mail

Let me get the door my Love

Yes I am sure the bell was just ringing


It’s Common Sense standing at the door

Saying I should wake up to reality

Open my eyes to the truth

You are not for me and I am not for you

I should leave the irrational for fools he is saying


He’s not alone there trying to reach me

Conscience glances with a silent reproach

Remember your morals she says grimly

Remember all the things you said you wouldn’t do

This is the time to scrape off the confusion


There’s a crowd at the door my Love

Pride smirks at me with her scalding eyes

I don’t recognise you what happened to the Queen

Fix your crown if you’re worthy to wear it

Second means the last one you know


I am still at the door looking through the hallway

As you are leaning over a sketchbook drawing our dreams

In the living room filled with your sunlight

I stand there holding my breath hiding from visitors

Pretending that nobody’s home