There Are No Right Decisions, Just Decisions

by HelluvaGirl

I began to think perhaps you are my destiny.

Precisely because you are everything I look down on. I have learnt that people whom I find extremely, disturbingly unlike me are the ones to teach me the hardest lesson. The one I need the most? They point to my own areas of improvement, like being able to accept another as is. To overcome my pride. To see that there should be no such thing as my league and people outside it.

Precisely because you look at me like a child, and that I accept with tenderness. I don’t laugh at you now. I find that kindness is a value way more precious than intelligence, experience and shared interests. It’s either there or not.

However, with my ring finger available, I can’t say the same about my heart. But then again, is it the point? Is it something to be expected or chased throughout life? The paradox of the two queues. Does it make any sense, while you’re standing waiting in mine, for me to be standing in another? Perhaps the greater wisdom lies in accepting the easy coming instead of breaking the wall with my head with hopes to reach the barely possible?

I really wish I were more practical. I wish I didn’t live within my secret catacombs so much. The one relief is that you have no clue about them and perhaps would never realise they’re there. And I could keep everything then.