Une Rencontre

by HelluvaGirl

To say I was a weird kid would be an understatement. With a foster-home haircut, I was often confused for a boy, too. When I saw my first film with Sophie Marceau, I realised a girl who didn’t smile could be beautiful nonetheless, so she sort of became a bit of a role model for a while.

I saw the trailer of Une Rencontre at 6 pm yesterday. Sprang out of bed, popped into the shower, threw on a dress and rallied my way to the cinema.

I can’t say the film is brilliant, though I definitely can relate to a number of situations or states of heart Elsa goes through. I also had a good laugh (dear Lord, I do have identical key situations nearly every day!).

I didn’t find Cluzet very appealing, though; his veneers kept getting into my eyes. Very distracting.

There was, however, this idea at the end of the film that captured my thoughts: For a story to never end, it must not begin. 

In my experience, the stories that begin and are interrupted at the peak, or due to some obstacle do not evolve, are those that never end. They never become routine, casual and taken for granted. They never start boring you, pissing you off – they never get real. They transcend to the world of fantasy and become the objects of inspiration. Unended stories become literature, they are ever-present in our mental libraries and they are idolised. This is a distorted reality – or at least an adjacent reality which is superior to the tangible one in one way: it’s a dream. Those stories are the ones we fall back to when life gets to us; they become our fire-escape from mundane lives and their irritating participants. They withdraw to our secret catacombs which we visit to distance ourselves from everything we have to work on, be it a job, a relationship, tasks, problems or mediocrity.

Yes, I would say for a story to never end, you have to leave it in the middle.

A funny thing: I seem to get a role in those time and again. As soon as one gets dusty, another emerges to consume my being and become an inspiration for writing – the only positive i.e. tangible outcome.