by HelluvaGirl

We’re not on the same page. In fact, we are two different books at the remotest corners of a huge library.

The more I sleep, the less it feels like all my bones have been broken. I was searching my subconscious library for the answer and it took me longer than ever to find a vocabulary that finally explained what you meant all this time. You should have at least used fewer words of magnitude.

You keep inviting me, and then you push, and push, and push me away. 

You will not think of words I haven’t been learning by heart. Perhaps you’re the one who feels safer with feelings unrequited – well I am not who you need because for one small step you take, I can take two. I don’t have much to lose, you’d say. The one who’s counting losses should stick to them while they’re still blessings and not bleed literature to people who have flesh and bones, and heart.

When I wake up by the end of this week, I will have new bones and you will be on the shelf I rarely pass by. 

I am not in denial. But I’m also not much into lingering on #whatifs, #tomorrows and #maybes. Those are not my favourite places. My favourite places are where you are but I dreamed they did not exist.