Hans, My Hedgehog

by HelluvaGirl


I can’t believe I found my all-time favourite fairy-tale film… Gosh, such production doesn’t even exist these days, and some would say thank God – but it’s my childhood memory that doesn’t even invite nano-3D miracles for competition. 

I would always remember that moment she enters his shelter in the woods and sees him lonely yet speaking of her – made lonely by her impatience and indiscretion.

But she has looked for him still, and he never forgot her. That’s what I was taught happens in the presence of Love.

It was her journey that transformed both of them. I really like the concept of going round the world to get to someone next to you. Growing up for them. Purging yourself. Morphing through ordeal. Keeping a promise.

Ideals and obligations rarely take the same path as Love. In this fairy-tale, they do. I find it moving.