One of the Priceless Conversations

by HelluvaGirl

We wake up after a nap. I try to brush down the sticky remnants of my dream. Pia is pushing me and saying we have to go to the gym.

Mum, is granny your sister?

No, she is my mother. Aunt Evelina is my sister.

She jumps up almost shouting with anxiety, as if we’d forgotten to do something important:

Mum but if you have a sister, why don’t you give birth to another child then, so I could have a sister, too?!

My eyes are wide open now.

You see Love, the way I look at it is I need a man I’d love to have a child with, like when your dad and I were together and you were born. And now that I live alone…

You live with me.

That’s right, but to have a child, I need to be with a man, you know?

So find one! Are you even looking? You will love and love each other and then I will get my sister.

I realise this is too early to share my views on the “looking” business and I feel I need a fire escape of some sort.

You know, I want only a man that is so special that’s even better than your father – and those are quite hard to come by. But maybe your dad and J will soon have a baby, and you’ll have your sister.

I don’t think J knows how to do it.

Well she’ll know, give her time. Having babies is nothing to rush to. A woman has to be very strong, mature and wise enough because children are small and helpless the first years before they become all grown up and smart like you, so a mother has to carry and feed and not sleep for hours before they grow up. You have to be strong to be a happy mother.

I don’t think J is strong like you. You’ll have to find the man and as soon as the baby’s in your belly, we will get a pram.

Ok. What if it’s a boy?

So he’ll grow, and his hair will grow long, and then we’ll get him a dress and he can be my sister.

I look at her slightly alarmed, thinking how I will be able to account for that deal, hoping my ex and J are on it.