On the Full Package

by HelluvaGirl

Today I was asking myself and the Woman I Love: why can’t we have everything we want in one place, in one person? Why is it like that: everything you don’t care much about is for your taking, but all you desire is forbidden, close-to-impossible and/or too complicated? 

It’s because given the full package we would not evolve any more, she said. We would not grow, strive or work hard. We would have all we want – our existence would lose the stimulus, the purpose – we would die.

That’s brilliant. And true – and now that I write about it, I remember the family I used to have. It was precisely that for years before I started to fade away. I had all one could possibly want – what I’ve always wanted, right? – and it demoralised me in the end. Maybe I was not mature enough to handle it – now it would be different. But still.

The full package, the dream-come-true is risky. It’s like the jackpot: you’ve heard what happens to people after the big win.

It’s a different story when you are earning the million dollars. You set your priorities and accept that certain things will have to go out of the picture.

Guess I will have to work on my priorities then.