On Some Statistics

by HelluvaGirl

A year ago, an email came from someone I didn’t know. Though short and polite, it pushed me out of balance, as if a disturbance of a routine course. Like a computer game of cars being suddenly interrupted by My Little Pony cartoon due to some technical bug. 

I was polite and lucky enough to reply.

Today, I smile thinking about the impulse you succumbed to when reaching out to me, and thank the Universe for it. Because what was a “technical bug” then, after a year exactly is quite a special friendship, which I thank for every day.

You show me how many colours there are apart from black and white. How many perspectives have a right to exist next to right/wrong. How measureless the desire of knowing someone can be. You are the one to make me feel both: the loneliest person in the world, yet not alone in this.

Did you know that in My Little Pony they keep saying friendship is magic? To me, ours is. Enriching, educating, inspiring, respectful, sober, honest, tender, compassionate, prudent, wonderful, magnetic, fateful and truly unbelievable.

But I’m here, swimming in its light and being one of the two who say this:

We’re about to know each other for a year. Feels like a month, no?

Or a lifetime.

Or more.

Happy emailing anniversary, Soulmate.