by HelluvaGirl

Having seen me walking around the office with my nose in the phone (#typical), my new Manager once said: “You know what Kris, you should really see a film called Her. It’s about you – if you were a guy.”

Because most of the time, I look like Anthea, the assistant of Mycroft Holmes:


So it’s with Joaquin Phoenix whom I find very appealing (guess it was his striking resemblance to Genius in We Own the Night). Not just that; the actor is a chameleon, he lives his characters and it’s very powerful to watch.

Her is about the lonely people in the age of technology, which I truly relate to – with many others, I’m sure. I guess I could say we are definitely on our way to this near future portrayed in the film, where hi-tech is hardly separable not only from our households and pockets, but from what we are.

I just remembered yesterday, that within past few years my iPhones were dead for maybe one single time – the day I purchased my recent one, it died having left the shop before I reached home. The rest of the time it’s on, charged, ready, connecting me with those far away and distancing me from those that are near.

What I found really amusing in the film was that nobody would get surprised hearing a person was in love with their OS. It was a new form of attachment, relationship, the new reality.

And nothing differs too much from what people have with other people: the same honeymoon phase, the same bonding, problems and heartbreaks – sans the body.

My Manager was right – it could totally be me. Or is it already?


Photo: benedict–cumberbatch.tumblr.com