On the Black Suitcase

by HelluvaGirl

Would you like me to dominate you?

The question sunk into me lying face down on messy sheets, both as a threat and a promise. I had no idea what time of day it was by then.

I said, would you like me to dominate you?

While my mind was arriving at the notion, a thought that almost resembled relief slowly focused alongside:

My life, as I knew it, was over.

Would you like me to dominate you?

Yes. Please.

That day, I experienced that in the essence, S&M wasn’t about costumes or theatrical action as much as it was about the certain way a person steadies his gaze at you and the idea of what he can – and will – do to you. The anticipation. The complete giving away of power.

I was lucky he knew what he was doing. I realised this was what I always wanted. How come I never met someone like him before?

We would politely eat our food in restaurants, not having much to share verbally, and people around us would wonder what on earth two types like us could be doing together. Noticing that, I would silently smile at my plate.

We would watch BBC before falling asleep, spooning.

And when another day came, we would wake up to things that opened up a whole new world of associations to me, and I’d feel fulfilled as, for hours on end, he would give form to what I must always have been.