On the Eyes Wide Shut

by HelluvaGirl

I had a dream once. I saw an ocean and a sky of supernatural colours, resembling those of a sunset on the Earth, only they were bright orange, red, yellow and gold, and also blue and purple in places. It was hard to tell the sea and the sky apart as the sight was pulsing and waving as if it was fire and water and fresh air in one element. 

And there were figures of Buddhas or Yogis, or just happy people in lotus postures, all of them levitating half-smilingly in that live, subtly waving fabric of warm-coloured energy.

It was the ocean of such peace and harmony, and stillness, and Love, and just being arrived, that I get hot oceans stream from my eyes every time I realise how far away I am from that state in my daily rat-race.

I know it is in me somewhere because I dreamed it. And in the dream, I did not just see the picture – I felt something only several other dreams have opened me up for.

That makes it possible to actually enliven the inner peace if I went on a journey, if I practiced and just reached out for that ocean within. And I am sure somehow, that this orangey-red and blue sea of fluid harmony is just a tiny grain of a limitless picture that I am with all the other beings.

Will I ever open my eyes to what I can be? I hear there’ll be a shift in the Universe after there’s been a shift in me, and things will happen.