Beneath Your Beautiful

by HelluvaGirl


There is a certain thrill related to really opening up to someone, isn’t it? So game-changing sometimes.

To me usually – unintentional, reluctant and carrying unpredictable consequences.

Today, I’m thinking of an old friendship, having sustained the test of going beneath the beautiful and less-than-perfect. The test of time, distance, relationships, breakups, people dying and being born.

I was surprised lately to realise you think about me every day, because every day you send me songs from your playlist, some of which you translate into poems for me from languages I don’t understand.

And that I think about you every day, too.

And travelling regularly, you send me post-cards from every country you visit, and I keep them all. In 10 years, it’s helluvalot of post-cards.

And you always unmistakeably sense when it’s time to ask if I’m ok.

And remember, the last time we had coffee together, you said something I keep in my heart, close to where I keep my favourite poetry.

In another life, if I’m 20 years younger, I will marry you.

It was a truth put in that even, calm voice of yours, accompanied by a hint of a smile and a French intonation. You weren’t flirting then, you weren’t asking a question; it was a tender and simple statement.

What I did not say was, in another life, to you, I might say yes.

This time, we seem to share a different task.

I don’t believe we shall ever enjoy a coffee together again but what you do for me, what you have done for me, no one has. I let you see beneath my beautiful and in your patience, acceptance and friendship, I became beautiful even more.