Think Blonde

by HelluvaGirl

Yes. Thats me: I persistently approach some objective for several years, do what I wanted so much and then start changing it all over again.

Now that I have my natural hair colour back (after 14 years), I started thinking blonde (again!). Not that peroxide-bleached-hair-falling-out blonde but more tasteful, yet brighter than it is now.

I find my hair type too sleek, and as they’re also fine, there’s not enough volume.

Please vote:

  • blonde?
  • ombre?
  • natural?
  • black – upon Milda’s request 😉
EDIT: Please mind that in the photos of me blonde I’m either carotty-tanned, fat, or drunk – or all in one. Now that I’m a healthy-coloured, slim and sophisticated lady, even peroxide would look better on me. So don’t you write blonde off. 
Photo: Indre Dirginciute, Augustas Gutautas.