Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Distinguee 33

by HelluvaGirl

Modern technology has entered the beauty world, people! It’s the second ultra-sophisticated lipstick case I get in one week. First, all you see is sleek and glamorous black case. You press the gold bottom – et voila! – the lipstick pops out! Gosh, when did they start doing those things?

The lipstick itself made me decide it’s gonna be Chanel from now on – unless I get homeless and am forced to eat from garbage bins. To my opinion, Chanel’s the best in terms of pigment intensity, even coverage and hydration. It’s rather hard to find the combination of the three in one lipstick. Oh, and this line is for those who love matte.

It’s so creamy, velvety and hydrating I was surprised it was long-lasting. I opted for a neutral colour and I think it becomes me well.

Photo: mine.