A Strange Case of Accs

by HelluvaGirl

Considering accessories, I have been living out the rule “less is more” for many years now – basically due to a phenomenon known as “champagne taste in a beer pocket”. I do love gold and precious stones, and if I can’t afford them, I don’t buy anything at all.

I have contemplated upon this psychological barrier of mine for quite some time and, frankly, I enviously watch other girls looking pretty in cheap bijoux. I even suspect there might be a painful post on the topic somewhere here.

Well, what do I do? Am I actually right, taking the best, f***ing the rest – that is, doing just the latter as the former’s too expensive? Or perhaps I should train myself to liking affordable stuff?

Here’s one proof of the training, a vintage pendant from De’Zavu boutique on D&G cotton shirt:

What’s your approach?

Photo: mine.