Saturday Trophies for Daughter And Mum

by HelluvaGirl

Got this superb cashmere cap by Oscar et Valentine at Bambizzi shop for Pia. I say, cashmere is the material of materials – doesn’t sound as poetic as I wish but it truly is a bliss to touch, let alone the warmth it gives.

And here’s something for Pia’s mum. I haven’t been using perfume for three years: got pregnant, was breast-feeding, then we packed for Thailand and I gave away my Vera Wang Princess to my dear housemaid.

Now, my dear facialist Maria says Tom Ford Black Orchid would be perfect for me (“You would save the perfume from being vulgar”, she says), which I’m not sure as never have tried it and Lithuanian shops, surprisingly, do not distribute it. I’m very curious about this perfume but have to wait until Mrs. Nielsen is in generous mood or I go abroad.

Meanwhile, a perfume for a good girl. Is there a brand, Good Girl? I think there should be one.

Clean, balanced, warm, feminine, elegant, down-to-earth, smiley, a sigh of a ballerina. My new Chloe.

Photo: mine.