My First "I'm a Big Fan!"

by HelluvaGirl

So it was the desperate night Lithuania lost to Macedonia in the Eurochamp and brought grave mourning onto the streets of Vilnius. The bars emptied of the sobbing fans; the streets reminded of a 3rd rate psychedelic films with leaves flying in ambery streetlight in small hours, and you got the feeling all this might just seriously be but a cardboard theatre-scene paraphernalia…

The ones who stayed in bars got all the booze to themselves and could break-dance at places like In vino which are usually trolly-bus-packed even on weeknights.

It was late already, i. e. we must have drunk half the vineyard, when I noticed this old acquaintance with a company sitting at the bar. Surprisingly, he recognised me. (People never do, even after a couple of months of not seeing me; I try to think it’s because I change a lot, not because I’m an ugly person or plain unmemorable.) We raised our eyebrows and I of course approached to say hellew. I noticed a very attractive and stylish woman in a red dress next to him – right before he introduced her as his fiancee. I blurted out something like “Seriously?! Wow man, turns out you have a great taste! Congratulations!”

And then it came. She leaned towards me and said, wearing the most charming smile: “I’m a big fan of both of your blogs.”

So that’s how it feels. And she’s not even my friend! After several “oooh!” and “aaah!” and “I’m-sooo-happy-to-hear-this!” and hands clasped on my chest, I managed to leave them alone and get back to the vineyard.

Thank you again, woman in the red dress, whose name I don’t remember ’cause I’m better with faces instead. You are part of my history now 🙂