Fantasmagoria Boutique: Sweet'n'Lethal

by HelluvaGirl

This post is long overdue but I guess I had to wait for the right spirits 🙂

Fantasmagoria boutique is definitely not the place I stroll in every now and then – I discovered it quite incidentally when this woman took me there, saying she needed an original coat she felt would be a hit after a couple of seasons (our kids go to the same private kindergarten – and who said the parents were only flashy snobs???).

I have never been to a place like that in Vilnius. Not sure it’s one of a kind but if you’re into the dark style, visit their website – the shopkeeper said they’d move to online business soon and as far as I know the boutique’s been closed in August.

The shop offers a wide assortment of clothes, outerwear, shoes, accessories and jewellery, all eye-catching and, truth must be said, I really loved some of the pieces – and I bought Pia two hair clips. It’s a treasury for souls wandering in white powdered faces, black/neon hair, and stealing dark eyeliner from their mums.

You don’t have to be a goth to buy one of those: some are much more stylish compared to the regular boutiques’ range – and very affordable:

This is the perfect answer to the Thai infatuation with Hello Kitty that I’ve witnessed: Bye Bye Kitty 😀 Thinking of buying it for Pia to go to the kindergarten.

The stylish shopkeeper – I really liked her fringe colour, so peacock! Can’t be indifferent to those…

Photo: mine.