Erika at Fashion's Night Out

by HelluvaGirl

As one of my special friends, who also happens to be the recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize for Literature, wrote in one of his pieces, two narcissistic natures rarely fit into one mirror, Erika and I happen to prove the statement.

It was our reunion after 3 years. She was shopping big time and asking “what do you think?”; I was making shots – you know, with my camera, not vodka – and saying “yes” (except for that Gucci dress that made you look cinical, Erika. I’m sticking to that against all the army of “yeses” 🙂 ).

We had drinks at In vino afterwards to celebrate her sequined treasures and my cashmere trophies. It was really special for me to see her again and I thought, well if we just kept a safe distance between our egos and perhaps used separate mirrors, maybe we wouldn’t need a break from each other any more 🙂

Erika, that night you looked stunning!



Photo: mine.