Tequila sans Caballeros

by HelluvaGirl

Aya’s B-day theme was salsa and I wore a red rose in my hair as required – although we were dancing to Amy Winehouse and techno almost all the night 😀

It was practically a bachelorette like one of our ancient school parties where guys either didn’t attend or were quite modest comparing to us.

We started with Margaritas (I’m a wine, not a cocktail girl so it was my first time. All I do is Cuba Libre once in a while)…

But then someone suggested we move to tequila and it was the bestest idea. Felt more and more sober during the night and in the morning – perfecto!


Aya’s mum prepared tons of most sophisticated foods. I stuck around caviar snacks and some rolls with I have no idea what inside but they were irresistible! And the chicken in sesame… Muchas gracias!

I was wearing… When someone said that night I was probably high-maintenance, I quickly figured that my entire outfit was gifted by different friends – apart from underwear. (No one ever gives me underwear as presents, booo.) Turns out I’m more of a beggar than high-maintenance, duh.

So the graphic top is courtesy of Mrs. Nielsen – as well as Fransa gypsy skirt. Les Tropeziennes heels are the present from Indre. Can’t remember where I bought the earrings but they’re eye-catching, no?

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, mine.