Aivara Is One of Those Girls

by HelluvaGirl

If I weren’t myself, I’d probably like to be her. At Aya’s presence, I can dance freely. I smile a lot, ant after the last visit at her family house, I realised she keeps a family anyone would love to keep. Relaxed. Laughing. Loyal. I guess such are people who’ve been raised at a loving home by creative and trusting parents.

Aya is my ex-classmate. I’ll never forget how many fashionable clothes she’d own. I once tried on some of her stuff and felt really beautiful.

Aya’s been popular among all the annoying boys in the classroom and I know why. She’s truly charismatic. Have you met a person that cheers you up in a jiffy? Well, that’s her.

We were invited to celebrate Aya’s Birthday last Friday and I have some pictures from the party to share: