The 1st September 1st!

by HelluvaGirl

My cutie-pie had a party at her kindergarten today – it was the first September 1st so significant to me after a long long time πŸ™‚

She’s… a girl. So not a baby any more. I mean Pia talks in sentences and already chooses her outfits!

I am wearing an ASOS preppy blouse, Morgan skirt (it’s a treasure; one can wear it almost with anything; c/o my friend Jurgita), ASOS faux-crocodile clutch and Melissa wedges.

My daughter is wearing Allsaints cashmere-mix dress (gifted by grandparents on her B-day), Lindex tee and jeggings and my very own brown suede lace-up boots. I mean they’re from my childhood, I wore them back in the day πŸ™‚ They’re from Czhecoslovakia – those in the post-sovietic countries know what it means.Β Pia loves them!

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, mine.