Kanebo Sensai Fluid Finish Foundation SPF 15 – Welcome to the Family

by HelluvaGirl

It is quite a noticeable fact that I’m not 20 years old for a good while already and nothing speaks of it more than the condition of skin. The face is the reflection of inner beauty, intelligence, charisma – as well as the proof of countless parties, sleepless nights and excessive abuse of substances.

I can well remember a girl who’d come to this night club in my little hometown all perfectly dressed – whether it was a classy diva style, Simpson-meets-country kinda outfit or sports chic. And she’d have those strange but quite lovely pockets under her eyes. What an interesting face, I thought then. I now know she was a high-class hooker who spent most of her time in the UAE, and much later, a bohemian lifestyle showed me how one gets those pockets under their eyes.

In short, the time comes to start counting the nights out and look for some quality makeup to help reveal the inner beauty vs. all the other stuff.

I really love the fresh, dewy finish with moderate coverage just to even out the skin tone. I don’t like matte finish cause my face then looks flat, lifeless and old, like a mask – and I’m not that kinda actress. Plus, if the weather’s hot, no one wants a face running down, making the impression the person’s somewhere down under all the maquillage, suffocating.

Moisturised, fresh complexion with “no makeup” effect is what I was quite unsuccessfully attempting to achieve, trying various foundations – et voila, I am home people. Kanebo Fluid Finish truly makes me feel like I’ve found the thing. The producer says the foundation’s made of water and silk (of course, it has many more chemical ingredients, duh); and it really does something to the face. Something like a soft see-through veil hydrating dry skin underneath and radiating to the outside. Seriously, the best thing for dry skin. It does make me look younger – though it’s not really an issue yet.

I am truly happy. Beginning to think Kanebo’s the choice – though you have to save up for it.

I actually called my cosmetologist Marija (who’s actually doing a miracle job on my exhausted skin – anyone in need of her number drop a line) from the Kanebo stand in the shop where a girl suggested I tried Fluid Finish, and Marija said I could try just about anything from Kanebo – all their products are with silk, basically infallible (she works with Kanebo makeup). Glad I listened!

It doesn’t wear off till night and feels like I’m giving my face a luxurious treat every day. God save the Japanese!

I got the look using Kanebo Fluid Finish FF203 Natural Beige, YSL Touche Eclat concealer and Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. Oh, and Carmex lip balm 🙂

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, mine.