St. Tropez Gradual Tan Every Day Body Moisturiser Medium Dark

by HelluvaGirl

This is my first St. Tropez product, and I’ve been tempted to try some for a while now. It took me ages to notice ASOS had it in their Beauty range… This one had a very attractive discount and here it is. Tried it twice already.

As you’ve noticed, it’s for medium/dark skin, which is totally not me but I thought I’d try out a stronger version and it turned out the way I expected: this gradual tanner for medium/dark skin is like a safe normal self-tanner for the fair-skinned. I mean my Clarins is strong. This St. Tropez made me subtly tanned after two applications, but beware – don’t skip the drill that goes before all non-gradual tanners: exfoliate and apply carefully. If you do it gradual-tanner-is-safe-so-whatever like I just did, streaks are guaranteed 🙂

They claim to have this Aromaguard fragrance technology that disguises the burnt-skin smell so usual to self-tanners – well, it’s true but it seems to me the technology lies in adding very strong fragrance to the moisturiser that kills that other smell 😀 Of course, it’s probably a very complicated and valuable technology. Don’t be mad with me St. Tropez.

The texture is very rich, really moisturising, but very smooth to apply, and you need comparatively little cream each time.

I have to check it’s rating in the so will put an edit for those concerned.

So far, I love it. My not-very-gradual, good-smelling, well-moisturising tanner. Hooray!