Garnier Ambre Solaire Light & Silky Protection Lotion SPF 30

by HelluvaGirl

If you’re looking for an affordable sunscreen which would also have proper texture, this is the one to go for.

By proper texture I mean something else than my sad beach experience with some other sunscreens which, after application, make you so sticky your hair is all over the face and all you do on a sunny – and windy – beach is try to take the hair off the face, then the hair’s all greasy and of course there’s sand…

Ok, so Garnier Light & Silky is just light enough for a smooth application. It absorbs instantly, it is non-sticky afterwards, though I’d recommend re-applying after every swim.┬áHas a pleasant creamy-sweet scent, too.┬áLast week it proved to be the beach essential that isn’t hard on the wallet. In short, this is a safe choice.

Photo: mine.