My New Lashes

by HelluvaGirl

After I got rid of sun-bed tan, peroxide tresses and acrylic nails, I pretty much ended my artificial era and grew back my natural hair, started enjoying polish-free nails and gave my skin a well-deserved rest. I left fake hair extensions and similar Eastern-European beauty industry favourites to strippers and provincials Рor people unaware of risks certain beauty procedures impart on their body.

When fake eyelashes appeared on the market, I thought it was just another part of the body you could make plastic and pretty much forgot it until Mrs. Nielsen said she wanted to try. I said she’d be an idiot, so she didn’t.

Then, I’m not sure how the insight found me (perhaps it was a wise dream?), but I realised that with fake lashes, I could stop using mascara. Think about all this time you can sleep instead of getting up to prepare to go out. Some 15 minutes of beauty sleep! Instead of mascara-ing your lashes to make your eyes visible at all. And don’t you hate removing makeup at night? I sorta do. With salon-trimmed eyebrows and fake lashes, all I’d need would be Terracotta!

Mrs. Nielsen was really pissed when I announced her my brilliant idea. We fought a bit, I laughed, and when time came to give each other B-day presents, we decided to go and get the fake eyelashes together.

Check out mine:

I’m happy with the result. The lashes are made of silk and look very natural yet noticeable.

Photo: Mrs. Nielsen, mine.