Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream

by HelluvaGirl

I never go shopping for beauty products any more without prior reading a number of customer reviews online. Problem with those is, they are often very controversial. Same happened when I started looking for a new self-tanner, L’Oreal Nutribronze gradual tanner I’ve been using for months having been taken out of the market (why, why?).

After my online research, having also evaluated the financial aspect, I decided I’d try out Clarins¬†Delicious Self Tanning Cream.

To some fair ladies this tanner is perfect, some give it the poorest evaluation. My decision to buy it was based on the reliability of the company, my own good experience with its several other products, the fact that the self tanner was described as having “rich texture” (dry skin) and caramel tint (supposed it’d help control the process better; never used tinted tanners before).

For a start, it was nice to find the small plastic ¬†spoon inside the box – as the tanner doesn’t have an automatic dispenser, I thought I’d have to use a teaspoon to save my cuticles from turning bright orange.

As the usual foreplay requires, I exfoliated and shaved. The first application and I realised I discovered a tanner which truly moisturised. The texture’s rich and silky. However, prepare a brush for your hands and clean them several times during the application as the tanner leaves a specific film on your body, including the palms, which doesn’t go off just by washing with water. The film is quite hard to brush off and after using a rough sponge I still had a bit orange fingers the next morning.

As I’m very pale, the appraised caramel tint gave just a slightly yellowish tone to my body right after application. I had to stand in front of a fan for some 20 minutes until I dared to put on a nightgown and lie on the bed – the tanner absorbs very slowly. I can only imagine applying it an hour before bed – it’s definitely not the product you can put on, get dressed and go out.

Augustas came into the bedroom and asked if it was my tanner that smelled so good. Bf not disgusted by the “burning-skin” smell, check.

In the morning, with the curtains still drawn, I noticed just how strong the tan was and, frankly, was worried to see my face. It was ok in general but my advice for pale skinned girls is, go for a product not as dark as it’s pretty much impossible to work hands, fingers and other “complicated” areas perfectly with this one. The contrast between the natural skin tone and the tanned result is too different.

After several minor touch-ups on the knees I am pretty happy having tried this tanner. I’m still to discover how it fades, though. Will put an edit to this post later probably, so check out.

Meanwhile, I give you pros and cons about the Clarins tanner:


  • very moisturising;
  • the smell’s definitely there but not killing, more chocolatey than disgusting;
  • perfect for darker skin tones – if you’re fair, be ready for an orangey result (not the worst one, though) – but that’s with all stronger tanners except for gradual ones as you can control the result easier (in my opinion, gradual tanners are best for fair skin);
  • gives instant visible result;
  • was quite good on my extremely sensitive face skin;
  • EWG’s Skin Deep (a.k.a. indicates the risk factor of only 5 out of 10, which is exceptional for a tanning product (at the bottom of the ad that pops up, click continue to Skin Deep).


  • extremely slowly absorbing, even on dry skin;
  • risky for pale people as you may come out streaky;
  • relatively small jar and quite a steep price.

Photo: mine.