Kids: New Sweater from Vogue Knitting

by HelluvaGirl

Last Sunday, Pia was wearing her new sweater knitted by her grandma. My mother hates knitting multi-colour items and this was a real challenge for her patience. However, the sweater is totally lovesome and Pia enjoys wearing it very much! By the way, the pattern is taken from Vogue Knitting.

She’s also wearing black sweatpants, red hairband (also useful if the weather’s a bit windy – you can always cover the ears), Hello Kitty for H&M t-shirt and her new Vincent cork sole sandals a la Birkenstock. I was a bit worried about open toes – her Vincent ankle shoes have bruised front because she’d walk funny. But the sandals are alright and the toes are still in one piece.

Pia loves her Domoor cup 🙂

Later she had to make some phone calls so the shoot was over:

Photo: mine.