Ferry to Karlshamn

by HelluvaGirl

As some of you know, I spent Easter in Denmark with Mrs. Nielsen’s family. We’ve been friends for ages; she’s been living in Denmark for 7 years already and I’ve never visited her before. So this was a great occasion to finally pack and go.

I must say, it was the best Easter, if not a holiday in general, that I’ve ever had. No ticking touristy objects, no obligation to make it packed with events, no exhaustion.

Instead, there were lots of chilling, sunbathing on a terrace with bloody maries (at 11 am, ahem), gourmet dinners, champagne and conversations at nights… I truly had the time of my life and, if only Lars didn’t object, I’d do it on quite a regular basis. Like once a month. Lars?

I want to show pictures from the beginning, and the journey began on a ferry to Karlshamn.

As this is a personal style blog, here are pictures of what I wore. For those wishing to see some of the things I’ve seen through my lens, please check out my flickr profile – I’ll upload the most interesting shots before long 🙂

I was wearing my khaki French Connection trench, silk Peppercorn dress (c/o Mrs. Nielsen), Ray Ban spectacles, Tommy Hilfiger ballerinas, Juozas Statkevicius wrist strap, Ibero earrings and some of the accessories I’ve shown before.

Pia’s wearing Vincent shoes and Akuku wool coat.

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.