Terracotta Tragedy

by HelluvaGirl

You have no idea people what can happen in a bathroom in the middle of the day with a toilet lid open…

I can’t remember all the details because I’m still recovering from the shock.

I was finishing my makeup and carried the makeup bag on top of my jewellery box – the way I like to, you know: trying to take a frying pan out of a cupboard, I just have to keep an egg and a hairbrush in my hand.

Well, anyway, I sorta held my Guerlain Terracotta with all this stuff and it dropped on the floor. I sweared. Picked it up. It had crumbled a little so I thought I’d just throw the small parts to the toilet. I mean I could’ve thrown them into the sink – why didn’t I throw them into the sink?..

The whole round part in the middle with the compact powder flew into the toilet. It’s like seeing your life in front of you, collapsing.


Blackberried Mrs. Nielsen and she told me to look at the bright side: the water in my toilet was basically saint now. Guerlain water. I could bottle it up and sell as a purifying serum or something. I know I shouldn’t trust the woman.

The true bright side is, I got the classic Terracotta today, and you’ll be reading my review before long!

Gonna go take some deep breaths.