by HelluvaGirl

Last Friday was a girls’ night out. Hit several bars and finally got to the Opium club. Met some homies!

Here, I’m at La Boheme, the place of wine and conversations. Here’s some wine:

And some conversations…

The last one’s hilarious… Don’t try to guess the topic.

Wearing French Connection trench, which by the way appeared to be lost the moment I tried to leave Opium. Luckily me and the cloakroom girl found it. As far as I can remember, while searching I told her everything – the brand, the colour, how good and stylish and really cool the trench was. Vive Cuba Libre!

Then it was ASOS floral-print shirt which you already know (not lost throughout the whole bar tour – great success!); Ray Bans which I got loads of compliments for – and from people you’d never think they liked nerdy girls; Rouge Dior and Juozas Statkevicius leather wrist strap – and some other stuff you can’t see in the pictures, so yeah.

My accomplices preferred to be undocumented, unfacebooked, untagged; therefore, no more pics.


Photo: one of them girls…