Fashion Infection 2011

by HelluvaGirl

It is by far the hottest annual fashion event in Lithuania. This year, I popped round on the second day of three and it was a blast.

My fave collections included Dovile Gudaciauskaite who’s models “shouldered” their way on the runway and showed interesting colour combinations. Textures were at times pleasantly unexpected but there were models that, to my mind, looked not as sophisticated in terms of materials as they could’ve been. Oh but what do I know? Take a look at some of the ones I loved:

Notice how elegantly some of the girls dealed with killer-heels 🙂

It was Diana Kuzmickaite and Ausra Urbanaviciute who blew my mind. The green and the camel, oh gods…



The lights became brightest in the centre of the runway.

The snow started falling right in front of my eyes. From the light.

And there was music

I caught myself several times staring at one point, lingering in some new unknown dimension created by the view and the sound, – so clear, so calming, so wintery, so ethereal…

And you know what? Having seen Sandra Straukaite’s collection XXL I can die peacefully. I’ve never been a particular admirer of her style but that night, I was mesmerised by the show as a whole. It was perfection. It was something else, something beyond. This, ladies and gents, is art – the power of provoking such a feeling. Even if it was only myself transcending there above the second row – although, judging from the applause the collection was proceeded by, I was not alone touched this much.

Thank you, Sandra.