Guerlain Terracotta Poudre des Sables Illuminating Sun Powder

by HelluvaGirl

The initial idea was trying out the classic Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder, an appraised product claimed to be purchased every 30 seconds by glam-thirsty women around the globe.

I found this limited edition Guerlain Terracotta Poudre des Sables Illuminating Sun Powder and thought: why not give this one a try?

I needed a compact bronzer to conveniently carry around that wouldn’t make my fair skin orange – us fair maidens are the true and ultimate testers of all them quality bronzers – it’s rather easy for an olive-toned brunette to find a flattering summer glow in the form of powder, but fair skin mercilessly reveals a bronzer’s quality – or lack of it for that matter. Noone wants to look like suffering from jaundice.

I’ve read plenty of reviews and all of them stated Terracotta didn’t colour the skin orange. I was finally tempted by the “healthy glow” that magic Terracotta was supposed to give me and purchased it.

Every limited edition product of Guerlain powders is a bit more shiny than the regular powders and I must say I was quite shocked getting Christmas-tree-glittery after the first brush-strokes on my face. I have to calm you down – this is a single-time experience with the product as the thin glittery surface cleans off and the powder underneath it is just a teeny bit shiny bronzer. No metallic pieces scattered on your face, be sure.

The colour of the powder is quite dark but have no fear – with a normal quality brush (I use Bi-Kor Egyptische Erde brush) your complexion will get just a slight hint of sunny holidays at the seaside. Yes, the “healthy glow” poetics is totally true. I’ve never tried a bronzer that’s so… not orange. It surprises me still how they managed to bake it like that.

Not gonna go deep into the design of the box and other secondary details as you will find plenty of them online, though to my mind, the box could be a bit more tastefully made.

It’s a great bronzing compact colour-wise but if your skin’s very dry, be careful – it is still a compact powder. Wonder if the classic Terracotta is more moisturising. Any experiences?

Poudre des Sables is very subtle application-wise and even a fair-skinned beginner won’t make a faux pas. I’m sure I’ll use it for a long time, too.

The only shortcoming seems to be the absence of a mirror, and you’ll have to find a way to carry your brush hygienically. But then again – I took the powder with me to a party in case I needed to make a quick-fix; however, I had no chance to use it as the bronzer stayed perfectly on…