Militissa, the Woman Knight

by HelluvaGirl

I would like to show you some more work by Ieva Daugirdaite whose collection “Inversija” made quite an impression on me during the Fashion Injection event.

Militissa is a word for a woman knight in the middle ages. Personally, I’ve never known they existed until I heard the name of Ieva’s collection for arMada 2010, the Alternative Art and Fashion Festival. (It was a joint project by Ieva and Dovile Cibulskaite, presented at Vilnius City Hall. Photos on canvas later were exhibited in an Old Town book shop.)

Women knights. I instantly think of power lesbians or bitches that always have it their way. Wonder what it took for a woman to be a knight back then, in the middle ages… Physical power? Sagacy? Did they look like Xena, Warrior Princess? 🙂

Either way, I prefer the interpretation below:

As the name of the collection suggests, it was inspired by female knights whose order was first established in the XII century. Therefore, the materials used in the collection are as unconventional: linoleum, nails, screws…

“The idea was representing women knights of the modern times by sculptural, sharp models”, says Ieva. “The clanging of the knights’ armour, the bravery and determination of strong men were attributed to a present-day woman. She’s bold and fearless. Lives on the edge of insanity and common sense.”

Interesting how the interpretation of the ancient times can look so futuristic, non?

Clothe design: Ieva Daugirdaite and Dovile Cibulskaite
Info: Ieva Daugirdaite
Photo: Ausra Osipaviciute (
Model: Justina