Stylish Blog Award

by HelluvaGirl

A Stylish Blog Award has been circulating among Lithuanian fashion/style bloggers recently and I’ve been awarded three times! Yeehee! 🙂

Apart from the compliment, it is actually a great way to discover people behind blogs, who dig the same stuff, so congrats to the generator of this idea! There are also several rules to follow:

  • The receiver of the award names the blog that awarded him/her
  • The author of the awarded blog tells seven things about him/herself
  • The author of the awarded blog awards someone else
  • And lets them know they’ve been awarded

I am grateful to Le Madame, Aya Likes and Dolce Vita by Laura to have me among their favourite reads. It’s obvious that any person is flattered by positive feedback on what they love doing, and I’m no exception. My readers are important to me and I am truly happy to find there’s a growing number of you guys out there 🙂 So, merci beaucoup for you girls! I hope you will be coming back.

Ok, what do I spill?

1. I talk to myself when I’m alone. Sometimes it’s a dialogue with someone I’m angry at, concerned about or just missing a lot; other times it’s like I’m the voice in a film I haven’t seen before. I thought everybody does that but yesterday, when I told Augustas about it, he listened very, very attentively 😀 I don’t think I’m a psycho, though. No, I mean really.

One writer told me that when you start following a voice or an action inside your head without controlling it, it’s creation. This ability belongs to men as a rule; this is how books are written. Not making things up but following your imagination without interrupting. However, I can do it for several seconds only – then I go like wow, that was cool, and it all stops 🙂 I wish I could just stay there quietly a bit longer while things are happening on their own in my head.

Yeah, now you can start avoiding me 😀

2. I’m a film snob. I’ve seen hundreds of really good ones and noticed that chick flicks stop entertaining you after many hours of good cinema. I was surprised to see how it works, this side effect of witnessing a number of great ideas and quality production. It makes you grow, it gives you insight. I like to come back to some films and watch them several times. I might say I believe in films, too – Augustas often gets mad when I am startled things in life are different from cinema 🙂 I go “But how come this happens, while in the movies…” And he starts rolling his eyes.

Oh, he can be clever for us both.

3. When I was at the age of 10 or so, we were still a part of the Soviet Union and to people unaware, these were the times when you couldn’t get shoes or a lipstick in a shop that you wanted, there were like two brands. Those who had connections brought various stuff – nicer clothes or perfume – from abroad and sold it for big money or gave as bribes to important people in exchange of favours. In short, there was no choice of goods available. And while I totally understand the whole historical/political/social situation, I will never forget the humiliation at school when my mother bought me a pair of Прощай молодость boots. The translation is “Farewell to the Youth” and, as you can guess, only old ladies wore them. I was made to wear them and I think I’ve never really recovered from the trauma. Thus the shoe fetish. Sigh.

Right now, they even have a slight resemblance to Uggs or Zdar boots that everyone dies for. Back then, it was worse than death 😀

4. I was seriously planning to get a genital piercing but I had another tattoo instead. Ok, so it’s only number four and you know this much. Blimey.

5. Shopping is my addiction. I know this one’s boring ’cause who’s isn’t these days? We all didn’t get enough love… So shoes, expensive makeup or clothes work wonders on my mental state and I start singing to myself instead of talking. Lalala!

6. Some of the closest friends know the story of my first tattoo but not everyone.

I saw a film as a kid. End of war; a soldier and a woman are in a car, passing a field. There’s a chit-chat between them, she’s telling him the story of her name – Melancholie. You can sense the end-of-war relief and the ease among two interacting strangers, that is only possible in the times of great terror – no complicated approaches, no game. On their right, there’s a meadow with hundreds of red poppies. Melancholie loves poppies; she joyfully screams stop! and runs to the middle of the field, laughing and careless like a kid. He suddenly has a horrible discernment and runs after her but it’s too late: a motion-sensor bomb hanging in a tree goes off and another moment Melancholie is slowly descending to her knees, blood trickling from her face, hands and body, soaking her dress. The silence falls and you can see the poppies in bright sunlight that continue to blossom and to celebrate life, persistent, eternal, knowing.

I think it represents me a lot: I’m good at surviving tough times (and in the time of peace, I get bored 🙂 )

7. I believe in dreams. Mine are colourful, have complicated plots and I sorta have an alternative life there: I visit some places quite regularly and there’s this sense of longing as if I’m very close to remembering something from before – or after. There were dreams that came true; I have my own codes to reading them. After all, I’m the person, whose probably greatest pleasure in life is sleeping! 🙂 If I ever collect myself to really write, I’ll have so many experiences and storylines to give…

When I was a kid, I learned this trick: whenever a maniac was chasing me in a dream and I felt I wouldn’t escape, I’d just remember I was sleeping, and open the eyelids with my fingers. Would wake up with the hands on my eyes. I still do it, though nightmares rarely visit me now 🙂

Ok, I guess I fully used my chance to speak about the most important person, haha!

Now, it’s time to name my own favourites in the Lithuanian fashion blogosphere:

Spintos guru

Pakabu tarnyba

Le Madame

I’ll be looking at other people’s favourites and hope to find new inspirations!

Big thanks once again 🙂

Photo:,, Mrs. Nielsen.