If You Wanna Check the Risks

by HelluvaGirl

I’ve recently discovered this really useful website that I wanna share with you guys. There’ve been shocking TV shows, articles and online films on the beauty product ingredients that can cause quite ugly diseases and genetic malfunction, and the more information you get, the more paranoid you are likely to become. However, closing your eyes to what’s obvious might end sadly.

Just go to the web, enter any beauty brand in a search field and they give you info on whether it might give you allergies, cancer, reproductive system disorders and other dreadful stuff. The ratings are from 0 to 10, 10 being the most hazardous products. You get detailed report on which ingredient does what. I’ve checked a number of products and noticed that the greatest danger lies in perfume and self tanners. Oh well, surprise.

You can as well sign up and enter your own products if they are not on the website yet.

And you might also wanna make some changes on your bathroom shelf afterwards… Nevertheless, let’s believe this world’s a nice place to hang around.