The Body Shop Rainforest Hair Series

by HelluvaGirl

I’ve been paying increased attention to the body care products lately. To their ingredients, that is. I bet you all know a thing or two about the effect chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate does to your skin, and there are tens of such ingredients in each and every beauty product you use daily. I’m not gonna start washing my hair with ashes or similar radically-eco products; however, reading the ingredient list on every bottle I purchase is my new habit which, I must admit, has significantly prolonged the time I spend shopping and shockingly narrowed the range of products I am willing to buy.

So my new shampoo and conditioner are from The Body Shop Rainforest Series. They contain no silicones, no sulphates, no colourants and no parabens – which is a lot. The Rainforest Shine shampoo does contain propylene glycol which I’m not happy about but ok, I either compromise or buy shampoos way more expensive. Or wash my hair with ashes.

The Rainforest Shine shampoo with pracaxi oil, cameline seed oil and Community Trade olive oil is for normal to dry hair and Rainforest Moisture conditioner with pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey is for dry hair. It is a good combo for people like me, who’s scalp and roots are normal (I’m growing back my natural colour after what – 13 years?), while the ends are dry and damaged and require extra moisture. Thus it is not even necessary to shampoo your hair next day – sounds horrific not to, I agree. But then you haven’t seen as many films on chemicals inside beauty products as I have and now, trust me, it’s better not to put on anything if you’re spending a day in than to indulge in a home-spa fiesta.

So. The shampoo is ok. The conditioner, when applied, doesn’t make your hair really soft’n’silky that very instant but when they dry, I’d say they are quite smooth and easy to control. Not that I have much to control on second thought…

Hair requires a very individual approach but I’d suggest these products to a friend – basically because of improved components and value for money (they come in three sizes, by the way).

Photo: mine.