Personality: Ieva, The Smiling One

by HelluvaGirl


What I really love about life is the way one thought, action or move leads to another situation, circumstance, acquaintanceship. Isn’t it amazing? Take shoes. This post on an up-and-coming Lithuanian designer is basically born out of my VW for Melissa shoes sale. Why? Here’s what happened.

I was contacted by a girl who wanted to buy them and we agreed to meet at the place she works. Well then I was intrigued. However, I gave a promise not to talk about her daytime job and I won’t. Let’s just say I went to a place I’ve never been at in my entire life and probably will not return there unless Augustas dumps me and I get married to an oil magnate (poor me).

Anyway, apart from the fact she instantly loved the shoes and bought them, I found her one of the warmest and easiest first encounters I’ve had. You know, you meet a person for the first time and those 10 minutes make your day. I made a mental note to write a post on our successful deal, happy that my shoes found a good home.

One word after another and she told me it was a busy time for her preparing for Fashion Injection. She was a designer! 🙂 She said I ought to come and see the show and I thought, well really, I should. The rest is history.

That said, I’m introducing the category of Personalities on Daily Looks, designer Ieva Daugirdaite being the first one in the spotlight. Ta daaa!

Why costume design? An old dream since the time you dressed dolls or a spontaneous idea in high school?

Just like many other creative people, I felt it as a child. I’d design and sew clothes for my dolls; later I realized I didn’t want to look ordinary myself, wanted to stand out a bit. Finally, after high school I was definitely into costume design – that’s where I feel I can express myself best.

How many collections have you designed?

I’ve created four full collections and a number of various experimental articles. The concept of each collection is quite characteristic; it influences the materials, silhouettes, colours, mood etc.

Are you mostly into studies right now or can people come to you for a custom design?

I graduated from Costume Design studies this year, so now I can dedicate all my time for creating and working.

I don’t just make clothes, I create and design. Wish that people continued to trust me. Just come and say: I need clothes. Dress me! 🙂 And I’ll do it.

If it wasn’t costume design, what else could it be?

Hard to tell if there could be anything else 🙂 Maybe I wouldn’t even study and be a fashion creative director instead 😀

What’s your inspiration? Places, music, people, memories, global phenomena?

Usually, the objects of my inspiration are people and the restless city life. I always think about people when creating.

When’s the best time for creating? When you’re relaxed or under the pressure of deadlines?

When I’m relaxed, absolutely. It usually happens at night when the city and neighbours calm down. I can then concentrate.

How do you work? Wait for inspiration when everything goes smoothly or are you a person of method and draw, say, for two hours a day?

To tell you the truth, I always work; I constantly have those plans and ideas on things to be changed, added, created… Sure I have moments when this process is even more intense – then I do things faster than usual.

Everyone seems to have an icon 🙂 Which personalities you exceptionally admire?

I admire the charisma of Woody Allen, the eloquence and thought of Oscar Wilde, the sculptural form of Balenciaga, the youthfulness of Vivienne Westwood, the femininity of Audrey Hepburn etc. I look up to those qualities.

Do you have advice for people willing to study costume design? Perhaps some of your personal experience has denied certain prejudice about this work?

All the stuff in magazines, TV and internet suggests it’s a cool game, quick fame, easy money… It’s different. Under this image, there are many sleepless nights, expenses, tears, joy and loads of other spices.

What are your favourite materials?

Lately, I’ve been totally inspired by neoprene. I used it in my collection “Inversija”. However, I see even more ways to apply this material.

As for the clothes I wear, I prefer simpler stuff: cotton, knitwear, wool.

You’re in your comfort zone wearing what?

Jeans, comfy shoes (it can be heels, too) and a stylish top.

Fast fashion vs. high fashion – what wins in your wardrobe?

Fast fashion. Trendy, fun, unpretentious.

Your fave place in Vilnius?

I really love Vilnius Old Town.

Do you have a passion? Shopping, cooking, collecting buttons? 🙂

Yes, I basically collect new ideas and then love to make them reality.

I also have a passion for films.

Is it true people in fashion biz are nasty? 🙂

Who said so? 😀

Are your designs available for purchase?

Yes, they’re all for sale. For the details please contact me via

A shoot resulted from an effort to make jello. You wouldn’t blame her for lack of fantasy now, would you?

To see some of Ieva’s work, be sure to check in soon. Ieva’s designed models are coming next!

Photo: Elena Elne Agafonovaite.