Thoughts Wrapped in a Sinequanone

by HelluvaGirl

How are you getting ready for Christmas? Embelishing homes, buying presents (especially for yourselves), meeting up with friends, trying not to miss X-Mas sales? I am bombarded by all those online shops I like with “limited-time offers” 🙂 Does it get to you?

I don’t care any more. Sometimes I even envy people who get caught by this festive hysteria. On the other hand, I don’t get depressed after the party’s over, haha 🙂

So, my mood of the upcoming everything is totally anti-fussy. Me and Pia get outside for short whiles as it’s freezing up here. Therefore, the best time’s at home snugly watching films, eating peanut butter, painting or playing Bejeweled Blitz (I’ll beat you Jim goddamnit!)

Wearing my cosy taupe Sinequanone cable sweater, Levi’s and purple suede Zara fringe boots:

I hope you all have people you want to give Christmas presents to 😉

Photo: mine.