My Fave Fashion Injection Collections

by HelluvaGirl

There were several collections that made me feel like I was at a school talent show but some of them seemed quite promising. Apart from desperate attempts to impress and rather infantile realisation, there were works that represented a vivid idea, were immaculately produced or had aesthetic appeal.

One of my favourite collections was made by Ieva Uzkurataite, “Threads from the Heart” (this is my translation from Lithuanian) – it also won a special prize as the most promising. What I like about it, is the actual work done with all the details, and of course the romantic associations it gives. I instantly imagine women in Dostoyevsky’s novels… And fairy-tale birds:

My other favourite is an Estonian designer, Kristel Kuslapuu, who showed her “Zebra on Acid” handmade knits – I just loved the colours and the huge patterns she used, some of them resembling sailor ropes:

Arezu Daemi from Germany with her “Lieblinsstück 2 Go” captured my attention by the natural materials used and very plastic structure of the models. And the colours, of course – totally wearable:

There were a couple of good collections more (to my eye) but these are my personal winners 🙂

I am also preparing a detailed post on one of the Injection’s designers that I haven’t mentioned here, so stay in touch!