Fashion Injection Night

by HelluvaGirl

It’s the 10th anniversary of Fashion Infection festival this year, and the first time Fashion Injection was a public event hosted at the National Art Gallery. While Infection is a serious festival with guest designers coming to Vilnius from abroad – as well as our local acclaimed fashion artists showing their collections, of course – Injection is a competition for young designers, the four (instead of the planned three) winners of which will have an opportunity to show their work on the Infection’s catwalk.

Tonight, I went to see Fashion Injection. Didn’t have a chance to bring my camera but it was a fun social event for me. I also saw several really interesting collections. And here’s how I looked:

Wearing Atmosphere shirt, H&M corset, InWear trousers, ASOS clutch, Lodi suede heels and vintage earrings.

Cheers to you from fashionable Vilnius!

Photo: mine.