Are You in for a Ride?

by HelluvaGirl

Was about to throw away those wet-look ASOS maternity leggings – and it’s a good thing I didn’t. (Augustas is already getting pissed by my mania to throw things away – can’t help it – need to breath!)

I paired them with a mauve-ish slim-striped jacket that I also wanted to throw away but as it was given by Mrs. Nielsen as a present (gosh, she’s given me loads of clothes…) I didn’t – and it’s one more good thing. It’s got lilac velvet trimming and goes much better with my honey-blonde-natural-roots-whatever hair. (The time I got it, I was raven-black.)

Also wearing a black-and-white striped H&M top and a necklace I bought in the old town of Warsaw. I think it’s made of bone or something. Possibly human bone.

Ah, and my vintage equestrian boots from one Etsy shop:

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, mine.