The Wings of Bangkok

by HelluvaGirl

Somewhere, in the parallel reality, it exists this very moment. The kaleidoscope of fashionable clothes and soldiers with guns on their backs; concrete jungle and spicy, handmade, somehow very personal food side by side; the way noise smells, the way it gets to you and makes your head spin, makes you sick, makes you addicted…

It is somewhere, I left it, I know. And yet it’s hard to believe, like it never happened. Symbolic that my last post from Bangkok disappeared – it was sort of a reminiscence of the present. I won’t try to recover it. Will leave it linger somewhere in the parallel reality – words stay, you know. Blown away by the huge wings of chaos.

Heat, sweat, rush, millions of impersonal beings with millions of private histories.

It’s the second time I promise to never come back.

Photo: mine.