It's Oh So Quiet…

by HelluvaGirl

Ok, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something daily… Ahem. There’s been a major change in my life during those past weeks – we came back from Thailand and faced Lithuanian autumn. FYI, it’s brutal. For those who’ve heard that we have polar bears over here, it’s +4 C right now; however, it’s a 30 degrees C drop for us. Yeah, so fevers and running noses big time. I hope we’re adapting soon enough.

Meanwhile, after staying at a friends’ place for a week we found the perfect apartment. When I saw it, the agreement’d been already signed. I was speechless. Love space!

Augustas always wanted to live in a house but when you have a 104 sq. metres apartment in the centre of Vilnius, with arched windows and an ancient balcony, and a fireplace, and a mega-bedroom, and a spacious room for Pia… who needs a damn house?!

I’ve been unpacking and arranging things during last weekend and there’s still plenty to do. However, I give you a sneak peek before we get a decent carpet and curtains to get rid of the echo, a coffee table, 104 cushions, and decorate walls with my paintings and photos. Gonna have to do a lot of painting in the nearest future I must tell you 🙂 And if by any chance you’d like to send me a picture as a present, feel free!

Now, this wardrobe is like for a hamster, not for two grownups… No idea what I shall do with all the rest of stuff.

Augustas took this picture of Thai chickens in a market the first time we visited. I painted the frame to fit the colour of the rope! (Tone smug.)

Oh, and the porcelaine bib’s been made by a ceramicist Solveiga Gutaute who said I inspired the collection for her Art Academy graduation by saying it’s ok to buy D&G clothes for your baby who won’t give a damn but you’ll feel happy for those two weeks until he / she outgrows it. (Tone double smug.)

The kitchen’s small. Fine for me, duh… And there’s a black tray I handmade, too.

My modest shoe rack. Augustas thinks I have many pairs but when I put them in one place, the desperate truth emerged right in front of my eyes: I NEED MORE!

Handmade China doll which grandma brought Pia from Austria:

Those window handles have been renovated and look as they used to many decades ago:

So much for now. Looks like a sports hall at the moment but when I get all the accessories and things in places, the space will be just the right proportion of cosy and airy.

Photo: mine.