Taking iberry. And Furama

by HelluvaGirl

So I decided to wear my marvelous wooden platforms from H&M Garden Collection the night we took Mrs. Nielsen and her husband to iberry. By the way, I did rather good on the Thai pavements which was a surprise to me – the heels are high. I think Pia approves of them:

Was so nice to have a reason to dress up a bit. I miss that a lot.

So we fooled around a bit at iberry taking pictures and then had our deserts.

I’m wearing Peppercorn silk dress and H&M platforms – they have poppies printed on them! 🙂

Meet Augustas. He’s got a weird tan this week:

Like to mess around with his head even when he’s gone:

I could kill for iberry’s blueberry cheese cake…

And then Mrs. Nielsen had this brilliant idea to use gun-shaped door handles as, well, guns. You’ll have a chance to see it became a leitmotif throughout our numerous photo shoots…

Then we got back to their hotel, Furama. Mrs. Nielsen prepared nice treats and we indulged:

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, Mrs. Nielsen.