Wavy Dilemma

by HelluvaGirl

Going from five years of peroxide blonde to black and back to dirty blone doesn’t do any good to one’s hair. Oh, plus pregnancy. It’s been a while that I’ve been feeling the necessity to do something about it. No more boyfriend-short hair for me, that’s history. But what can save me from carrying a heap of dry, damaged and shine-less strands on my scull – until it grows off and I become the natural dark blonde, my own colour I haven’t seen for 13 years?

I was thinking waves. Not curls:

Waves. I read a post by Cupcakes and Cashmere with some good advice on the matter and was thinking of a transition to healthy natural-coloured hair (which basically requires good conditioning, period), that would help me look not as shabby, though I realize heat doesn’t make distressed hair healthier. However, I want to avoid cutting it short so need to think of something as the present ‘do is plain depressing.

Therefore, I need advice on the best equipment. Ceramic, metal iron? With clamp, without clamp? Share your experience please.

Photo: mine.